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If you’re After quality built tradesman trailers for personal or professional use, come and see what we can do for you.

We build practical, hard-wearing Tradesman trailers suitable for a range of purposes. Whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, builder, handymen, DIY or have specialist requirements; our Tradesman trailers are exactly what you need. Our tradesman trailers are a high end quality trailer built once and built to last and a real must-have for the true professionals.

Custom Design

Our characteristically clever designs and hardy builds are sure to impress! From braking to weight and durability, internal and external features and finishes (all rust-resistant), industry leading safety features, lockability, storage, access, fittings and fixtures, our experienced designers and builders have all the tick-boxes covered. Tell our experienced trailer makers what you need  – we will build for it – otherwise drive away with our base models straight from the range. All our trailers are designed with 3D drawings, so you can be sure your getting what you want..

We only build with quality, so our trailers are on the road for years!

Added Features

Need extra ladder-racks, tie-downs, bars, boxes, storage, drawers, toolboxes, compartments or coverings? We offer full customisation and the flexibility to build extra features into your design.